Balloon Garlands and Balloon Arches are the hottest trend now for parties and weddings. This new era of balloon garlands and balloon arches though is far less formal than back in the day! They are messier, crazier and you know what, that makes it easier for you to make one yourself. Sure, we can come out and create an amazing one for you, but if like us you just love to get creative and want to cut the cost of the party, then time to get inflating.

We have some crazy balloon garland kits to choose from too. The basic idea of a balloon arch or garland is to use different sized balloons, lose the formality and that structure that we have all got so used to. The cost is kept down because you are air inflating and not using helium, which lets face it, it is a precious resource and very expensive these days! They also will last for weeks and you can create a small one in about an hour. Once you have your basic structure, you can also start adding things to it, trailing ivy, leaves, flowers, tassels, we have seen some real crazy stuff going into arches!

toucan foil balloonballoon garlandLets get creating!!