We love our customers, that is the most important thing we can say about us! We promise you, that we will always go the extra mile to sort out what you need. You can call us if you want to change one of the balloons in your boxes or want something special put in the box with your balloon that you can’t find on our site. If it is local to us then we will definitely pop out and purchase it for you. We have bought all manner of weird and wonderful things over the years for our customers. We built our first website in 1998 and have been sending out balloons in boxes for over 20 years. I think we were the second company on the web to do it. Now that’s saying something eh!!


We have a couple of other websites called balloons.co.uk and giftbagshop.co.ukBalloons.co.uk supplies un-inflated balloons, helium and party supplies. Now one thing we are really good at (yeah okay, we are blowing our own whistles here, we know, we know) but truly we are very creative and if you need any decorating tips or advice, then you must call us. It all sounds a bit mushy doesn’t it, but honestly we love helping to put great parties together. So always call us on 01227 721 970 and ask for Debs for any specific balloon advice as she is the event decorator here. You don’t have to buy anything from us, we will just help you out.


Our other site giftbagshop.co.uk supplies all sorts of packaging supplies. We manufacture bags and boxes here in Kent and brand them too. If you are looking to find a comprehensive range of bags, boxes, gift wrap, tags, bows or ribbons then pay us a visit. You won’t be disappointed!


Now what else is there to say about us. We eat too much of the chocolate we sell, we always open a couple of bottles of fizz on a Friday, we have great staff BBQ’s……..